BL47chead-1.JPGWelcome to this website where I hope you will find the specific information you are seeking. 

Surely that sounds simple enough, but it is the least of what I hope to accomplish by making this site available. While you should be able to find basic things such as photos, a biography and background for your browsing or download, my sincere desire is to share a vision for a better future.

Although I left elected office in 2007, my commitment to public policy ideals will never fade. In conversation with many friends, family and supporters, we agreed that keeping our progressive agenda for Minnesota in public view would be a good thing to do. You probably agree that the challenges facing our state and nation in recent years seem greater than ever. The excitement and possibility for constructive new directions inspire me to stay involved. Together we can shed more light and less heat on the issues of the day.It is my plan to build this website into a constructive resource. Thank you for visiting.

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