The philosophy Becky Lourey brought to the Governor’s race

My life has been full. At each stage I learned vital lessons of success and hardship. And each lesson has given me a deeper understanding of the everyday lives of Minnesotans and has prepared me to be Governor of the state of Minnesota.

As a mother I have learned the joy of watching children succeed, and the pain of burying hope and promise.

As a farmer I have felt the pride of a healthy herd and the shock of the auctioneer’s gavel.

As a business owner I have built a company committed to providing good jobs with access to health care, child care and opportunity and have experienced the stress of a bad economy.

As a veteran legislator I have built great programs like Minnesota Care and in early childhood development, only to see years of irresponsible executive leadership erode progress in every area.

From all of these life experiences my values have been strengthened and my belief in the future of this state has deepened.

I believe Minnesotans yearn to have hope again in the possibility of every family having a living wage job in a safe community.

I believe every child deserves a quality education and that it is our responsibility to our children to reduce the widening achievement gap in our schools.

I believe every Minnesotan is entitled to access to affordable health care regardless of life circumstances. No child in Minnesota should ever be prevented from visiting a doctor.

I believe that we must reduce the economic gap that exists between our cities and rural areas in order to be competitive in the national and world marketplaces. We must build sustainable communities that have a comprehensive transportation system, broadband access, affordable housing and good paying jobs.

I believe in fair and equitable taxation, not gimmicks and word games. We must invest in our future wisely so our children and grandchildren can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

I believe we must protect our environment – our forests, our open spaces, our lakes, our rivers and our streams - so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our earth.

I believe in leadership that is dedicated to improving the lives of people and brings us together not one that divides us along economic or cultural lines.

Minnesota needs leadership that is pointed toward the promise of tomorrow. It is time for Minnesotans to elect a Governor that not only understands their needs and challenges but has demonstrated through a lifetime of work a commitment to improving the lives of everyone - especially those most in need.