Nemadji Research Corporation

A Minnesota company, Nemadji Research Corporation (NRC) has been in business since 1985. A subsidiary corporation, California Reimbursement Enterprises (CRE), was established in 1994.

Nemadji Research Corporation is a data management and analysis company specializing in cost recoveries and maximizing recovery of revenue for health care services delivered by public hospitals. NRC’s intellectual capital includes leading information technology and software.

NRC helps keep health care costs down by ensuring that health care providers receive reimbursement for their services from third party insurers.

NRC works on a “last-in-line” sole-source contingency fee basis. NRC provides back-up to in-house systems to ensure that coverage, identification and claiming efforts are exhaustive.

NRC was co-founded by Gene and Becky Lourey. Most recently, Becky remains active in company management as Chief External Relations Officer.
All NRC employees are eligible for full medical, life, dental and disability insurance.

NRC is the largest sponsor of the Nemadji Community Resource Center (NCRC), a Minnesota 501.c3 nonprofit corporation which provides community-based childcare, meals and transportation resources.