Pulse publisher praises Lourey health care plan ‘The most comprehensive, practical proposal’

The Health Care Security Plan offered by candidate for Governor Becky Lourey received strong praise in a critical analysis offered this week by Pulse alternative newspaper publisher Ed Felien.

In the compare-and-contrast piece, Felien stated: “Becky Lourey staked out the high ground early. She has been clear in her support of a single payer system through expansion of MinnesotaCare. This would be a gradual expansion that would create the least disruption and crunch on the State treasury. It would allow Minnesota corporations and small businesses to offer MinnesotaCare to their employees. This is the most comprehensive, practical proposal of any of the candidates.”

“It is very gratifying to receive wholehearted support for my health care plan from Ed Felien and the Pulse newspaper,” Lourey said. “My realistic plan will lower costs and can bring us to universal health care by 2010. As people look closely at my Health Care Security Plan, they invariably conclude that I am very serious about effective health care reform and cost control.”

In his analysis of Sen. Lourey’s health care advocacy this year, Felien commented, “It is difficult to see what else she could have done with an antagonistic Republican governor and a hostile Republican House. There was no hope for any changes in health care reform this session, but there will always be some that won’t be satisfied until our champions have hurled themselves on the barricades and been blasted away by cannon balls.”