Minnesota NOW Endorses Becky Lourey

Minnesota NOW (National Organization for Women) this week announced an “A” rating and endorsement of Becky Lourey for Governor. The Lourey campaign will receive a political action committee donation and in-kind assistance from the group. No other candidate for Governor has received the Minnesota NOW endorsement or an A rating.

“The Minnesota NOW endorsement is a tremendous personal honor, and a significant boost to our growing campaign success. I share the principles of fairness and justice held high by NOW, and will be working hard to implement them as Governor of Minnesota,” Lourey said.

Affiliated with national NOW, Minnesota NOW has approximately 2,400 members from throughout the state with six affiliated local chapters. The group actively works to change the political, social, economic and cultural landscape for women in Minnesota with an emphasis on: ratification of an unamended Equal Rights Amendment; repeal of all laws restricting safe, legal abortion; protection of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender civil rights; eliminating racism; freedom from violence; and opposition to punitive welfare reform.