Becky Lourey Touts Minnesota Clean Energy Policy

Security, Green Buildings, 21st Century Transportation emphasized

An ambitious and far-reaching policy to head Minnesota toward independence was announced today by candidate for Governor Becky Lourey in St. Paul.  Her “Minnesota Clean: An Energy Security Declaration” features extensive building energy conservation measures and a road map to pollution-reducing 21st century transportation excellence.

“Minnesotans are pouring their hard-earned paychecks into bottomless gas tanks and huge utility bills,” Lourey said.  “In response to the energy and war policy failures of the Bush administration and Congress, I have the energy security proposal to reverse this downward financial spiral.”

Specifically, Lourey’s Minnesota Clean energy policy proposes:

A Renewable Energy Standard – setting a 20% Renewable Electricity Standard by no later than 2020 stimulating heightened renewable energy economic activity, accompanied by directives to state departments and agencies in budget-setting

Highly Energy Efficient Buildings
(where 40 percent of our energy dollars are spent) achieved through seven policy elements to improve energy efficiency in state buildings, schools, homes and commercial facilities. 

Smarter, Modern Energy Regulation featuring the decoupling of utility profits from volume sales for energy efficiency and market-driven pay-for-performance to improve operations and encourage energy alternatives.

Pollution-reducing 21st Century Transportation Excellence in an eight-point plan emphasizing the use of hybrid flex-fuel vehicles, biofuels research, and ensuring adequate funding for roads, transit and transportation alternatives.

State of Minnesota enrollment in the Chicago Climate Exchange
— an incentive for state government to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

“We hear a lot of talk about achieving energy independence by 2030, but it takes a real commitment to achieve this important self-sufficiency goal,” Lourey said.  “As the top importer of electricity in the nation under current policies, we have put our economic security at risk.  We can and must demonstrate leadership to make Minnesota energy independent through conservation, energy-efficiency and investment in clean energy.”